Position Letters

Letters of Support and Opposition 

Position letters shall be emailed to both:
In order to be listed in the Committee analysis, position letters shall:
  • Be received no later than noon (12:00 pm), 9 calendar days prior to the hearing of the legislation 
  • Clearly reference the bill and indicate only a position of “support” or “oppose” (letters of conditional support or opposition (i.e. support if amended) will not be listed on committee analyses)
  • For letters from mulitple organizations (coalition letters), provide the name of each organization signing the letter, as well as a named individual responsible for that organization’s position on the bill, in the signature of the letter
  • For letters from individuals, provide the writer’s full name and residential address, including zip code 


Letters need be submitted only once unless bill is amended affecting position, then it is the responsibility of the organization/individual to submit updated position letter to the committee.

Committee staff is not responsible for distributing letters to Committee members' or authors' offices.

Any document pertaining to legislation brought for distribution at a Committee hearing shall be subject to approval by Committee staff prior to distribution.

If a document is over 20 pages, please provide 2 hardcopies to Committee, Capitol Rm 2205.



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